Virginia Public-Sector Unionization Would Increase Costs, Taxpayer Burden

Local governing bodies in Virginia are grappling with how to comply with a state mandate to consider unionization of government employees, and, at the same time, serve the interests of taxpayers, consumers, and individual workers. The new state law, which became effective May 1, 2021, reversed a decades-old prohibition on unionization of local government employees.[i] […]

Staying Union-Free or Opening Up for Big Labor?

Virginia Localities Face Push to Unionize Public Employees The Commonwealth of Virginia has gone “all-in” to empower organized labor by authorizing cities, counties, towns, and other local government employers to recognize and bargain with union officials over public employees’ employment and service. Revisions to Virginia Code Section 40.1-57.2 became effective on May 1, 2021, reversing […]