About Us

Managing the risk.
Protecting the rewards.

Our team of attorneys combines passion for business enterprisers with a deep understanding of the law.  Built to tackle your biggest challenges and protect your boldest visions, Praemia Law provides a full scope of labor relations, employment, government contracts, litigation, business, and general counsel solutions, advocacy, and defense. 

The firm forged its name from the Latin word for “rewards” because our vision is to protect enterprisers’ opportunities and rewards by delivering effective, top-quality legal solutions and a positive client experience. 

Your enterprise is at the center of what we do.

Fortune 500, large-, mid-, and small-sized companies alike rely on Praemia Law because they know that Praemia lawyers understand that legal counsel can be just one piece of a larger business strategy. 

As a client-centered firm, Praemia Law works hard to foster certainty and make the complex simpler. We provide transparency and help balance legal expense against business goals. We walk in the client’s shoes. We align.